George H Smyth

Untitled 4

George H. Smyth

Since graduating from university in 1994, with a B.A. Honours in Fine Art, George has sold every painting he has produced. Born in the coastal village of Ardglass, in the north of Ireland, in 1968, he was encouraged from an early age by his father Ben to draw and paint.

Discovering the work of the Surrealists as a teenager cemented his ambition to become an artist. Extensive travel allowed him to see paintings that he had only admired in books. In the early ’90s he became close friends with the Scottish painter Peter Howson, who provided George with much encouragement throughout art college.

Settling at Tyrella Beach in 1995, his work became brighter, fusing the beautiful local landscape with the sunlight of Los Angeles which he visited often.

George has exhibited in Dublin, London and New York and his paintings and prints hang in private collections worldwide. He has produced iconic images for rock bands and wine merchants, activist groups and charities. His work has been seen on T-Shirts and tattoos, posters, mugs and M.T.V.

(All paintings in oil, height before breadth)